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Hard Start Kit Installation for Your Air Conditioner in Grand Rapids


Michigan consists of two large peninsulas surrounded by vast bodies of freshwater. Because of that, its climate is warmer and more humid than other states of the same latitude. In fact, our state is the seventh most humid in the nation. At no time of the year is this felt more than in the summer, which is why many people in Grand Rapids, MI consider air conditioning a necessity.

Besides the Great Lakes, we also have the largest river in the state running through our city. Fortunately, you also have Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling, Plumbing to turn to for your AC hard start kit. Our company has the people, the equipment, and the tools to bring summer comfort to you and your family.

Whether you consider air conditioning a need or a want, if you pay a few thousand dollars for your cooling system, we imagine you will want your device to last as long as possible. So if you notice that your air conditioner tends to struggle or malfunction every time it turns on, and you’re not able to buy a whole new unit for budgetary reasons, you may want to consider purchasing this life-extending addition to your air compressor.

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What Does Hard Starting Mean?

Hard starting is just what it sounds to be. Is your AC unit working harder to start up than it used to? Of course, this is much more likely to happen in older units. Signs of hard starting are the following:

  • Grinding noises at startup
  • Clicking noises
  • The air is not as cool
  • Loud humming noises when running
  • Your circuit breaker trips on startup

Calling an HVAC service in Grand Rapids, MI, to remedy the hard starting can prevent the compressor from degrading faster and extending its life.

What Is an AC Hard Start Kit, and What Does It Do?

An air conditioner has many intricate and specific parts, but the major components can be said to be the following five:

  • Evaporator
  • Fans
  • Condenser
  • Refrigerant
  • Air compressor


All of these components must work for the air conditioner to run well. However, the air compressor is often considered to be the most important. That is because it is the most expensive part of the unit. If this component fails, it is more cost-effective in the long run to get an entire AC replacement than to put a new compressor on an old unit.

The compressor in an AC unit is analogous to the heart in your body. And like the heart, it does a lot of work and uses a lot of energy. Unlike your heart, it starts and stops several times each day. It uses far more power to start up than it does to run. So it is often one of the first components to age and deteriorates.

An AC hard start kit is a capacitor that acts as an assistant to your air compressor. It can store energy, and when it’s installed on your unit, it supplies this energy to the air compressor. As a result, your unit does not work as hard to start. In fact, a hard start kit supports your AC compressor so that your unit starts up to ten times faster and more efficiently than it would without it.

These handy additions come in three types. Some have two wires that use a potential relay. Then there is a two-wire type that does not use a relay. The last type has three wires. A professional can correctly determine the correct one for your compressor.

Low Voltage Solution

Sometimes there is an external component to hard starting. The wiring system may also be old if you have an older home, depending on if and when it was ever rewired. An old wiring system can result in low voltage, making it harder for your unit to get enough electricity to start.

Because an AC hard start kit is so efficient, it can counteract this problem. With the storage capacity, the unit will require less electricity to start itself. Your AC repair technicians at Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling, Plumbing can install this for you.

Reduce Excess Heat to Your Air Compressor

One of the surest ways to extend your air compressor’s life is by reducing the amount of heat buildup that it acquires while running, especially during the startup process. Because there is considerably more energy used when starting than during the rest of the cycle, the jump it gets from the stored energy of the kit will allow it to get up to speed much faster and with doing far less work.

The less work it has to do, the less heat it will generate, which means a longer life for your air conditioner. And you and your family can spend the summer with a pleasant, comfortable temperature in your home without interruption from a blown or worn-out compressor.

You Can Lower Your Utility Bills

Of all the major components of your air conditioner, the air compressor is the one that does the most work. A degrading or damaged compressor must work that much harder to generate enough cool air to bring the room down to your desired temperature. That means that your air conditioner will have to run longer and more frequently.

A professional HVAC technician in Grand Rapids, MI, can help you end this vicious cycle of frequent startups and longer running times by installing a kit. The cost of this equipment is exponentially lower than the money you will save over time.

AC Hard Start Kit Are Not Just for Older Units

Many homeowners often do not think about their HVAC unit until there is a problem. While a hard start kit is undoubtedly a helpful alternative for a compressor starting to show its wear, why wait for that to happen?

The capacity and efficiency can be just as much of a preventive measure as it is a treatment to an existing problem. You may want to consider having the professional technicians at Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling, Plumbing put one on your new HVAC unit.

Having that assistance from the beginning of the life of your compressor can prevent it from wearing down as fast. That is especially true if you have a home with a low voltage problem or another external issue. A compressor not worn down from excess work will require far less energy to switch from its start phase to its running phase.

So, instead of waiting for your air conditioner to begin hard starting, why not add an ounce of prevention and consider buying a kit before problems start arising? Our team can get this done for you promptly.

Get an AC Hard Start Kit in Grand Rapids, MI

The installation of a hard start kit is a job for a professional. You should not try to install one on your own. An experienced HVAC technician is far better equipped with the knowledge to choose the right size and select the best kit that will complement your compressor. One of our professionals can also accurately diagnose the problem’s cause and do it in a timely manner.

If your air conditioner sounds like it fits the description of hard starting, do not wait for the air compressor to fail. Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling, Plumbing is a leading company for AC repair in Grand Rapids, MI. We have an exceptional staff trained to address this common problem. You can give us a call or email us today to make an appointment.

Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing will help you to determine which system is best for you. Call our Grand Rapids AC installation experts or contact us online to schedule service!