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At Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, our Grand Rapids boiler repair team has an impressive background working with a huge spectrum of boilers of every make and model. Boilers are a unique heating system, and we provide customers with 24/7 emergency boiler repair services to get your system up and running again as quickly as possible. When winter temperatures dip as low as ours, it’s important to keep your boiler in good condition so it can warm your home throughout the winter. We can provide inspections for your boiler system if you think it’s encountering malfunctions. Our Grand Rapids boiler repair team is equipped with the tools and knowledge to ensure your system works as cost-efficiently and safely as possible.


At Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, we specialize in making your home comfortable. If your boiler is beyond repair, our Grand Rapids boiler repair team can work with you to determine the best course of action for your home. You can’t go wrong when choosing the boiler repair team at Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. We are the number one boiler experts in West Michigan!


Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing has experience working with a wide variety of boilers in just about every type of home, including:

  • Combi boilers
  • System Boilers
  • Regular Boilers
  • Residential Boilers
  • Commercial Boilers
  • Boiler Under Floor Heating
  • Heritage Hill Homes with Boilers
  • Newer Homes with Boilers


Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing offers rapid boiler repair services in Grand Rapids. We can customize boiler repair solutions in Grand Rapids to ensure your heating system runs smoothly. During the freezing winter months, keeping you and your family warm is our chief concern. Don’t wait for your boiler to fail! Noticing leaks, irregular usage, and signs of impending malfunction can save you money and time.



It can be difficult to know what constitutes a broken system. How can you tell if your boiler is malfunctioning if it’s still working? We can help you know what signs to look for when inspecting your boiler.


Pilot Light Problems – Problems with your electronic ignition or pilot light can signify that your boiler is malfunctioning. Boiler systems last for a long time, so it’s important to know when you see a functioning error so you can get it fixed.


Whistling – A boiler system is essentially a massive pot of boiling water, so it’s very similar to a tea kettle. When a kettle reaches peak temperature, it whistles. Whistling or kettling results from hard water residues and byproducts, like mineral deposits, settling in your boiler. These mineral deposits can impact the pressure level inside your boiler.


Leaks – When an appliance leaks, it’s never a good thing. When you suspect a leak in your boiler kettle, it has to be replaced so it won’t lead to property damage. Because boiler leaks can’t typically be repaired, it’s best to avoid them.


Spiking Utility Costs – If you have seen spikes in your utility spending, it’s typically a sign of an aging appliance. When appliances age, they become less efficient. They can also become a drain on your home’s energy usage.


Boilers can last for many years with proper care. If your system is less than 15 years old, maintaining your system through timely repairs and care is the most cost-efficient thing you can do for your boiler heating system. Our Grand Rapids boiler repair team can help ensure your boiler is always ready to serve you.


Let Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing handle your Grand Rapids boiler repair need! Call (616)-540-7918 or contact us online.